CB-FLW10 (The Guitarist)



  • Walnut front plate, MDF composite resonating body for deep bass tones and three sets of internal fixed snare wires
  • Enhanced tonal qualities and overall feel – crisp snare, brighter tone, rich and deep bass notes in the center of the Cajon and premium finish
  • Perfect for creating drum set grooves in live performances and studio recordings
  • Large legs provides stability.
  • Great for professionals and amateurs.

The Clapbox Flow Cajons are manufactured to break the monotony and give your Cajon an added spark. Craftsmanship and playability is delivered with this Cajon. Experience more attack and an overall brighter tone with the Clapbox Flow Cajon, made of Walnut tapa, MDF body and three sets of internal snare wires. Perfect for beginners, drummers looking to diversify their playing styles and professional players.